Gascogne Group

The Gascogne group, founded in 1925 in the Landes area of southwestern France, has steadily become a leader in a growing range of markets.

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Nombre de site de production

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399 m

Consolidated sales


Exports to more than 70 countries

A European leader in the wood – paper – packaging industry

At the international level, the group comprises four complementary and vertically integrated activities, each a leader in its field of specialization.

1,500 employees drive our company forward in 70 countries on five continents at 13 production units in 12 different sectors. This network enables Gascogne to offer its global and international customers local services and tailored solutions to their industrial and technological challenges.

Gascogne, an integrated group

An Integrated Sector

4 integrated activities


Forestry & Wood Products




Production units


2022 consolidated sales

Paper – Sacks – Flexible




Production units

414 m

2022 consolidated sales


In 1925, foresters in Landes, southwestern France, created Papeteries de Gascogne to ensure a market for their maritime pine production and promote sustainable forest management (maintenance and reforestation).

As a pioneer in forest certification and product traceability, Gascogne is a long-standing player in sustainable development for the wood-paper-packaging sector in Aquitaine. Today, the Gascogne group is involved in all stages of forest resource operations.

We exploit, manufacture and use all our natural resources in a responsible way. We recycle locally.

Gascogne, acteur historique du développement durable de la filière bois-papier-emballage

Our History

1925 - 1950: Founding and development of Papeteries de Gascogne

  • 1925 : PAPETERIES DE GASCOGNE is founded by a group of foresters in Landes
  • 1927 : Production of natural kraft paper begins on two paper machines
  • 1941 : PAPETERIES DE GASCOGNE is listed on the Bordeaux Stock Exchange
  • 1949 : Production begins on a third paper machine

1950 - 1985: Gradual integration and growth in the Wood and Packaging sector

  • 1952 : The first sack manufacturing facility is created in Mimizan (now GASCOGNE SACS)
  • 1958 : Production begins on a fourth paper machine
  • 1963 : The company acquires its first sawmill (now GASCOGNE BOIS)
  • 1968 : The company acquires its first flexible packaging manufacturer (now GASCOGNE FLEXIBLE)
  • 1974 : Production begins on a fifth paper machine
  • 1976 : PAPETERIES DE GASCOGNE creates three divisions: Wood, Paper, Sacks A wood provisioning company is founded: FORESTIERE DE GASCOGNE
  • 1977 : Production begins on a sixth paper machine

1986 - 2005 : The Gascogne Group is created and its activities are expanded

  • 1986 : The Gascogne Group and Gascogne S.A. Holding are created
  • 1989 : The Group acquires the Depland felt-making company (GASCOGNE PAPER)
  • 1993 : The Group acquires the German company Sachsa Verpackung (SACK activity)
  • 1994 : The Group acquires Chupin Emballage (now GASCOGNE SACS)
  • 1998 : The Group acquires a stake in Sacchificio Veneto in Italy (40%) – (SACK activity)
  • 2002 : The Group acquires Aigis in Greece (sack-making activity)
  • 2003 : The Group acquires PKL Flexible Verpackung GmbH (FLEXIBLE activity)
  • 2003 : The Group obtains its first PEFC certifications (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • 2005 : The Group acquires G.S.R. In Tunisia (SACK activity)

Since 2006: Consolidation and strategic investments in our business activities

  • 2006 : GASCOGNE GROUP changes its name to GASCOGNE.
  • 2009 : Investment in offline coating equipment for the Mimizan site to develop a new range of technical and special coated papers (GASCOGNE PAPER)
  • 2010 : The Gascogne group reorganizes Creation of a WOOD Division and a PACKAGING Division for the Paper, Sacks and Flexible Solutions activities.
  • 2011 : Installation of a nine-colour printer (GASCOGNE FLEXIBLE GERMANY)
  • 2012 : Installation of a cutting-edge silicone coating machine at the Dax site (GASCOGNE FLEXIBLE)
  • 2016 : Strategic investment: new biomass boiler at the Mimizan site (GASCOGNE PAPER and GASCOGNE SACS)