Innovation lies at the core of everything the Gascogne group does.

2 dedicated R&D units: Innovation Process Monitoring Design

The Group’s long-term success and growth depend on the development of innovative products with high added value. To reach this objective, the Gascogne group’s executive management team has undertaken a major investment plan to modernise and renew its production tools and create 2 Research & Development units.

These units, which are exclusively focused on R&D and innovation projects, work on enhancing our product ranges and manufacturing processes in close cooperation with the General Management and the Industrial and Sales & Marketing Departments.

Innovation in action
Laboratoire R&D, Division Emballage


To ensure the long-term growth and success of the Group’s activities, our Research & Development focuses on four areas:


Success for tomorrow

A vision and the design of new products, technologies and applications.


Success for today

Targeted projects in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Process & manufacturing


Optimisation, relevant use and updating of our production tools to ensure development and innovation.

Technological monitoring

Sources of inspiration

Monitoring of changes in the market, discussion forums, competitor activity, specialised conferences.


The Research & Development units depend on the expertise of materials specialists.

Each activity has a dedicated R&D manager in direct contact with the process engineers and the technical and development support staff at each production site.
The Gascogne Bois also has design expertise integrated into its R&D unit to anticipate market needs and expectations.

These laboratories were designed as collaborative spaces dedicated to customer service and innovation.