Packaging Division

Paper – Sacks – Flexible

The Packaging Division, created in 2015, encompasses the Paper, Sacks and Flexible activities

Packaging Division

Key figures

Chiffres d'affaire
322 m

consolidated sales

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POsitionnement de Gascogne
70 countries

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Olivier TASSEL, Directeur Général Division Emballage (activités Papier, Sacs et Flexible)
  • Olivier Tassel

    Olivier TASSEL

    C.O.O. of the Packaging Division – Paper, Sacks, Flexible.

  • The Division’s support activities are pooled:

    • Human Resources Department
    • Administration & Finance Department
    • Purchasing Department
    • Research & Development Department
  • Operational activities are under the authority of the individual business units and their sites:

    • Industrial & Quality Hygiene Safety Environment Department
    • Sales & Marketing Department


Gascogne Papier, a long-time leader in natural unbleached Kraft paper

  • • 1 integrated pulp and paper plant in Mimizan (France)

    Top site in global machine glazed natural Kraft paper production, with 150,000 tons produced annually (4 paper machines, 1 coating machine)

  • 150,000 tons produced annually

    (4 paper machines, 1 coating machine)

  • A large range of natural and innovative specialty papers:

    • Machine glazed natural Kraft papers
    • Natural sack Kraft papers
    • Technical coated papers, custom solutions
  • Varied markets in packaging and industry:

    • Small, medium and large size sacks
    • Coating and laminating
    • Food and baking packaging
    • Printing, packaging, distribution
    • Pockets and envelopes
    • Industrial uses

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Feutres Depland, a French manufacturer of felts and scrims for paper machines.

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Gascogne Sacs, the third leading industrial sack manufacturer in Europe and a leading European producer of consumer sacks.

  • Five production sites:

    • France: Mimizan & Nantes
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Tunisia
  • Production capacity:

    550 millions sacks/year

  • A large range of sacks and custom solutions:

    paper, plastic or hybrid (paper and plastic) bases
    custom formats, compositions, shaping, printing, finishing and other options

  • Markets:

    • Human food & animal feed
    • Construction materials
    • Pet food
    • Chemicals – Seeds – Mineral products

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Gascogne Flexible, one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-ply laminated packaging and protection

  • Two production sites:

    France (Dax) & Germany

  • A large range of technologies:

    Lamination, Silicone Coating, Gumming, Cold Bonding, Extrusion, Printing Solution, Winding.

  • A large range of multi-ply materials and laminated solutions:

    • Multi-ply materials (paper base with film or aluminium), reinforced or not, used for packaging or labels
    • Non-stick bases (silicone on one or both sides) used for adhesive protections or in industrial processes
    • Gummed papers and multi-ply solutions
    • Rotogravure or online printing
  • Markets:

    • Flexible packaging (food and pharmacy)
    • Insulation & construction
    • Envelopes & secure parcels
    • Health & medical
    • Composite materials
    • Adhesives & bands

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